Beer and wine lover, discover your taste profile!

flavoured and refreshing beer

Enjoyed for its citrus note.

Light tasting beer, revealing a mildly sweet flavour with a hint of tartness and a dry finish.

lighter and refreshing beer

A thirstquenching favourite.

A slightly bitter light-bodied beer with a noticeably sweet, malty taste and a dry finish.

bright and balanced beer

A very versatile beer.

Discover a perfect balance between the bitter bouquet of hops and the sweet taste of malt in this medium-lightbodied beer with a crisp, clean finish.

crisp and hoppy beer

The beauty of the bitter.

Moderately light body with a noticeably bitter taste of hops.

fruity and smooth beer

Nicely exotic.

A medium-bodied beer with fruity, spicy accents to deliver a mildly sweet taste and a mild finish.

robust and malty beer

Real roasted flavour.

Caramel and roasted malt flavours highlight the bitter hops bouquet of this medium-bodied beer.

bold and full flavored beer

A texture you’ll appreciate.

A dark, full-bodied beer with a roasted malt flavour and hints of chocolate and coffee. Its taste is slightly to moderately sweet.

A Flavour for Every Taste

Discover the taste tag that matches your favourite dish and enjoy delicious wine and food pairings

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- Light

Full-bodied +

fruity and light wine


These light wines are distinguished by their simple aromas of fruit, the sensation of freshness and discreet tannins. They must be drunk when young.

Pairing suggestions:

Pasta with rosée, tomato or spicy sauce; grilled salmon, fish with tomato sauce, chicken, roasted white meat, cheeses (Oka, Migneron, brie, Riopelle), raclette, cold cuts, pizza, ham.

fruity and medium bodied wine


These medium-bodied wines have a more intense color, a rich nose dominated by fruit aromas and tannins that are subtly present.

Pairing suggestions:

Pasta with meat sauce or sun-dried tomato pesto, tuna, grilled swordfish with red wine sauce, small game (quail, partridge), simmered or braised red meat, cheese (cheddar, Kenogami, Mi-Carême), sausages, grilled meats.

aromatic and supple wine


These medium-bodied wines are characterized by supple tannins that generally have a certain roundness. They’re often dominated by flavours of ripe fruit or woody notes (toast, coffee or vanilla).

Pairing suggestions:

Braised red meats with mushroom sauce, lamb chops, grilled steaks.

aromatic and robust wine


These full-bodied wines with intense color express powerful and complex aromas of fruit, spices, sometimes accompanied by woody notes. They present a good tannic structure and a velvety sensation in the mouth.

Pairing suggestions:

Duck, goose, stewed or grilled game with red wine sauce, leg of lamb.

- Light

Full-bodied +

delicate and light wine


These dry, rather delicate wines are characterized by their pale color, simple aromas of fruit and the sensation of freshness that comes from their acidity.

Pairing suggestions:

Plain shellfish and shrimp, poached lean fish (sole, tilapia, haddock, cod, halibut, turbot), fish terrine, goat cheese, fresh cheese, cheese fondue.

fruity and vibrant wine

white, champagne et mousseux, cider

These dry wines have a nose with fruity and floral aromas, all the while offering a rich mouth-feel. Their acidity provides a pleasant liveliness.

Pairing suggestions:

Mussels, salmon tartare, chicken with white sauce or pan juices, pressed paste cheeses (Cantal, emmental, gruyère), sushi, raclette, fish-based Thai dishes.

aromatic and mellow wine

white, champagne, mousseux

These dry wines are characterized by the intensity of their aromas of spices, toasted bread or exotic fruit. In the mouth, these wines have a fatter texture and are well balanced.

Pairing suggestions:

Pasta with cream sauce or mushroom sauce, coquilles Saint-Jacques, shellfish with cream sauce, white meat with cream sauce, paella with fish, mushroom risotto, sweetbreads.

- Sweet

Sweet +

fruity and sweet wine

white, champagne et mousseux, cider

These wines are characterized by the presence of sugar. The dominant aroma is fruity. Some are lighter (medium-dry), while others have more body (syrupy).

Pairing suggestions:

Fruit salad, fruit pie, blue cheeses.

fruity and extra sweet wine

white, cider

These syrupy wines or ciders contain a high rate of sugar and stand out by their dazzling aromas with notes of tropical fruit and honey.

Pairing suggestions:

Fruit salad, fruit pie, blue cheeses.