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Flavoured & refreshing Lighter & refreshing Bright & balanced Crisp & hoppy Fruity & smooth Robust & malty Bold & full flavoured

Flavoured & refreshing

Enjoyed for its citrus note.

Light tasting beer, revealing a mildly
sweet flavour with a hint of tartness
and a dry finish.


Lighter & refreshing

A thirstquenching favourite.

A slightly bitter light-bodied beer with a
noticeably sweet, malty taste and a
dry finish.

Bright & balanced

A very versatile beer.

Discover a perfect balance between the
bitter bouquet of hops and the sweet taste
of malt in this medium-lightbodied beer with
a crisp, clean finish.


Crisp & hoppy

The beauty of the bitter.

Moderately light body with a noticeably
bitter taste of hops.

Fruity & smooth

Nicely exotic.

A medium-bodied beer with fruity, spicy
accents to deliver a mildly sweet taste
and a mild finish.


Robust & malty

Real roasted flavour.

Caramel and roasted malt flavours highlight
the bitter hops bouquet of this medium-bodied

Bold & full flavoured

A texture you’ll appreciate.

A dark, full-bodied beer with a roasted
malt flavour and hints of chocolate and
coffee. Its taste is slightly to moderately